Tuesday, 19 January 2016

First Big Snowfall of 2016 in Flatrock, NL!!!

Last night was a "Snow Globe" night.  There was hardly a breath of wind, and the snowflakes were just floating downward...so pretty and calm. 

Here's how it looked this morning, from our living room window....

Hubby got to put that snowblower to good use, for sure.  Notice how high the snow is........
...and I guess we probably won't barbeque tonight...haha

Looking out the back door, from the kitchen, the greenhouse down in our back garden is starting to look very small.




  1. This is the depths of winter I guess, Kathleen. The days a getting longer! Two months until spring!

  2. Enjoy your white world, Kathleen! I'm enjoying mine, too.

  3. While I do enjoy the beauty of seeing it, I'm grateful I don't have to personally deal with it.

  4. I take it that you have been spared somewhat this year.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! You do have lots of snow! Our day today was pretty foggy, the trees looks so fluffy and white but really not the best for people travelling. I hope for Spring and pray that the Zilka virus from Brazil does not get here. It is already in the US. The good news is that we are quite North!

  6. Your snow is beautiful! The temperature suddenly went down here in my town,we will probably have first snow tomorrow!