Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tilthouse Bakery

I actually took the photos for this post two weeks, but got a little sidetracked.....

I have been visiting this bakery ever since we moved out here almost a year and a half ago.  I finally got my nerve up to ask the owner for permission to take some photos and do a post about it.
I am talking about the Tilthouse Bakery in Portugal Cove. 
 It's just a ten minute drive from my house, and I love to go over on Saturday 
mornings for some treats.  
Have a look.....

Here is just a small sampling of treats for those with a sweet tooth.....

There is always a huge selection of pies filled with a variety of different fruits and berries...

and, of course, my favourite-lemon meringue

The smell of the huge selection of freshly baked ginger cookies, decorated for every 
season & occasion, is always in the air.

 The pan-fried fish cakes made from salt cod, with loads of onions are delicious. 
I always buy half a dozen, but always eat one on my way back in the car!!!

Chicken sandwiches, on fresh baked buns.... 

They have this fabulous pizza bread.  I bought one last week for hubby (who loves pizza), and he loved it!!
 He said it seemed to be a huge slice of pizza, loaded with meats and cheeses, folded over like a sandwich, on their fresh pizza dough.

 They have an overwhelming assortment of breads....

This is barely the tip of the iceberg.  They have different types of cookies (too numerous to mention), assorted cheesecakes, soups stews, and pastas-all prepared in single serving
containers, which would be great for work lunches.

I don't know if it's the smell of all the freshly baked goods, the awesome selection, or the
 super-friendly staff, but when I am there, 
I am not baking,but,
I am certainly calm



  1. Wow! Looks so go! Love it. I wonder what the connection is to Tilt Cove?

    Wish you could share more than the photos!

  2. Oh, not tilt cove, mis-read. I get it now!

  3. this looks very appealing.....very fattening but what the hell.

  4. I think I gained weight just looking at the photos!

  5. You are lucky to have found that fancy bakery! All of them look delicious. My favorite is chicken sandwiches!Have a good weekend.

  6. Lookin yummy. Gotta admit that I almost misread your title just for a brief instant. You can guess what crossed my mind.

  7. I've passed the sign many times but have never gone in.....I will now thanks to your photos! Wow, everything looks so good. Tell the owners that they'll be getting new customers because of your blog.

  8. How wonderful is to have a bakery nearby!! In here we need to travel to town about 42 minutes to get to bakeries. Lovely spot!