Sunday, 13 March 2016

Winter Walk

I love walking this time of year, but it's usually a very brisk
 "get out and get it over with"
 type of walk. 
Friday afternoon, however, it was sunny, minus 2 degrees Celsius, 
and not a breath of wind.......
glorious day for a long walk in the woods.

I came upon a beautiful big stack of freshly cut firewood.  
When you get up real close, you can actually smell sap from the wood.

A lot of hard work already done here....
but lots more to do before it is stacked up
in the wood box!!

When I stopped to take a picture, 
all I could hear was a squirrel (or squirrels)chattering loudly in a nearby tree, 
and the drip-drop from the tiny melting icicles, in the late afternoon sun.



  1. Beautiful photos of the Newfoundland outdoors! Have a great week.

  2. Very rare to have snow and icicles here and in my old age, I'm totally okay with that. I much prefer enjoying it in your photos.

  3. I have missed seeing ice formations of any kind this winter. These icicles are beautiful.

  4. Nice set of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your world looks like my world. I love walking in it.

  6. It looks very pretty and peaceful! We got snow yesterday and today but it seems to be doing some melting this late afternoon. Have a wonderful day!!