Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fog rolling in to Flatrock

After the big storm on Wednesday, it's nice to see the sun again.

I went for a good long stroll this afternoon and took a few photos.  I drive by this little pond every time I go to the supermarket.........
I also thought you all would enjoy seeing how the fog was hovering just offshore today.....

The houses right along the shore did have to contend with fog all afternoon,  You can barely make out the homes on the hills.....
I feel very blessed to be living in such a beautiful place.



  1. Quite a bank of fog there! It is so beautiful. The sea is the most gorgeous royal blue.

  2. We have lots of names for sea fog, fret and hoar being two. Thanks for these It is indeed beautiful.

  3. The blue in the first photo is spectacular.
    The third fog photo is best for me with that prominent foreground rock.

  4. You are indeed blessed! When I see photos of water and the ocean in particular my heart beats faster! I wish I could live at least somewhat close to the ocean. I live so landlocked. Thank you for the soul lifting photos. Have a beautiful Sunday!!!

  5. Are all of these supposed to be a "little pond"? Doesn't look little to me. Great shots!

    1. Haha---no, only the first photo is of the "little pond". :)