Sunday, 21 August 2016

First trip to Mad Rock!!

Yesterday, we met up with a group of our friends in Spaniard's Bay, and drove over to an area known as Mad Rock.  I had actually only just learned of the area, so we planned a day trip, to check it out.

The whole area is breath-taking, but when we got right out to the coast and could see the rugged shoreline, it was obvious why it is called Mad Rock----Just Beautiful!!!!

The large birds are cormorants.
They are a coastal bird and nest in colonies along the rugged shoreline.


  1. It does looks rugged and quite beautiful! I need to find a away to get the husband to go to a vacation near the ocean. ( I left a answer to your question in my last post in my blog Kathleen. ) :) Yes, indeed coincidence! Hugs from North Dakota!!

  2. Your scenery is so beautiful! Love the cormorants, they are so interesting to watch. Great pictures! Thanks for visiting me.