Thursday, 26 April 2012

"W" is for...Wineglasses, Watermelon and Waterfalls!!

Let's start with wineglasses.  I love wine & I love to paint, so I paint the occasional wine glass as gifts for close friends and family.  Here are a few pics of some of the glasses I've painted...

"Little Black Dress" glasses

Ladybug glass

This one is a big hit among my "girl" friends!!!! ha ha
"Hot Lips"

More "Hot Lips"

These are just a few of my samples....I have made many more.  I actually had made several and given them away as gifts before I started taking pictures of them.  It is a bit tedious and time-consuming, but my friends and family love it when they get one of my glasses as a gift.  


"W" is for......Watermelon.  

Watermelon is probably my favourite summertime treat.  I love it alone, in salads, or in smoothies.  I love to scoop out the watermelon and use the watermelon peel as a bowl for a nice summer fruit salad.  This is an awesome centerpiece for your summer brunch "get-togethers" or even on the patio in the evening when you're enjoying drinks!

Here are a couple of the most impressive watermelon presentations I've seen--these were at one of the buffet lines on the Carnival Spirit  

What do you think??


"W" is for Waterfall!!

I'll tell you---I am blessed.  

Below are a few pictures of the awesome views that I get as I walk on the Middle Brook trail-way....just two minutes from my house!!  I usually walk it at least three times a week, but when I'm lucky, I get to walk it every day.  How many people can do this??

This is just one of five.....(YES, FIVE!), scheduled salmon rivers within about 5 kilometers of my house.  The Gambo area is very popular with salmon fisherman from all over the province and beyond.  It is amazing to walk the trail during salmon season and watch a fisherman play out a nice Atlantic salmon.

Middle Brook Falls

Middle Brook Falls
Trail view of the river

You can almost smell the fresh air and hear the rustle of the water as you look at these photos, can't you??

I hope you all get 1/100th of the joy from looking at these photos as I got from taking them....Cheers!


  1. love this trail... can't wait to go for a run there next time I'm home

  2. Mullett and I went right through your blog. It's awesome, beautiful, creative, divine, envigorating,
    fantastic,gorgeous,huge, innovative, juicy, kick-ass,long, memorable, neat, overwhelming, perfect, quaint, rewarding,superb,terrific,unique, vivid,worthwhile, xtraordinary,yummy, zealous
    Mullett got stuck on the Mussels and the Kissy Lips. He said don't forget him this year for mussels. He really, really, wants some!! You did an awesome job on this, Kathleen. But then again, that's no surprise.
    I'll keep watching. Love you....Chipmunk

  3. Little black dress wine glasses are just perfect, what a great idea for a gift! You're really talented Kathleen!

  4. I like the ladybug wineglass. very cute.