Friday, 27 April 2012

"X"......mmm.....hhmmmmm...oh boy---I've been 
dreading this one since April 1--but here it 
is and now I have to deal with it.  Oh well, 
here goes --
"X" is for .......Xanthippe, Xenial & Xerosis 

My husband tells me I become a bit of a Xanthippe over  certain things. I agree....ha ha! 

X-straps shoes,,,NICE!!
A Happy Wife is a Happy Life!!
XO bracelet (Kisses and Hugs)

We are both guilty of being xenial-- we love hosting little 
"get-togethers"!  Any little excuse for us ;o)
Roger has a real issue during the winter months with 
xerosis,  especially on his hands. 
That's it folks---This "X"-File is closed!!

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