Friday, 27 April 2012

"Y" Day!!!

I would like to share an interest of mine that starts 
with the letter Y---....Yoko Ono Lennon

I find this lady totally captivating, fascinating and still very beautiful.  We drove by where she lives in New York City on one of our "Hop on-Hop off" bus tours.

She lives in the The Dakota Apartments.  According to our tour guide, Yoko Ono owns an entire floor in this magnificent building!!!  It was amazing---I took several photos (well, as many as I could, while standing on the top floor of a moving "double-decker" bus!)--take a peek...

Yoko Ono's apartment in New York City

Area where John Lennon was shot, right in front of his apartment building, NYC.
I was actually right in front of New York City's most legendary apartment building!!
 The Dakota Apartments is famous for many other things as here and read about some more.

Now, on a much lighter, but no less important "Y" word....

is for YUMMY......

These are photos that hold such Yummy memories...we visited Carlos Bake Shop ---"Cake Boss"--while in New York.
This place is my definition of YUMMY!!!!!!


Yum Yum

Did I say Yum??
Have you ever thought you'd love to get accidentally locked in somewhere overnight??? ha ha

Happy Saturday, Ya'll

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