Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hi everyone

I have been away for awhile.  Actually this is first my post since April 31!!!

I went to St. John's to visit Rana & Mark for a few days, while Roger was off on yet another adventure.  He went out on a crab fishing boat!!!  200 MILES out into the North all that wind and terrible weather!!

Thank Goodness for modern technology and satellite phones.  I was really nervous while he was out----with good reason.  He didn't let on to just how stormy it really was while he was out there....until he got back---which saved my fingernails and possibly all my hair.

He went out for on the "Roberts Sisters II"-- here's a picture of the boat a day before they left.  The boat was moored at the south side dock in St. John's harbor ---Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in the background....

Below are a few photos that he managed to was a trip of a lifetime---the captain(Terry Bungay) and all the crew were extraordinary...

This particular vessel can carry 50 000 pounds of live crab in her holding tanks. 
That's a lot of crab dip!!!!

Roger was amazed at how hard the crew works for the entire trip.  When they come in to offload, they usually spend one night at home, load all fresh supplies on the boat and do it all over again.  This is not a lazy man's work.

Even though this trip was extremely rough (weather wise), Roger did manage to get this beautiful picture of the sunset, during the one period of about two hours that was relatively calm.....

 It is work, work, work for the crew throughout the entire trip---



or Night-time......

The objective is to get the crab quota, get in and offload, then go out again.

It's not a bed of roses on the great North Atlantic Ocean..  Below is a shot of the ocean ahead as the boat headed out to haul the first crab traps.  Roger said this view shows a relatively calm water in comparison to most of this trip....
A glimpse at the mighty North Atlantic Ocean
 This, in my opinion, is one of the most delightful sites on planet earth today.......
A peek at one of the magical views as you cruise back into the safety of St. John's harbor

 Of course--this makes it all worth while.....



  1. awesome reading again this morning. Brought back memories of "MY" Roger's fishing trips. I myself have been out in those terrible winds in the cold north atlantic and it ain't no pinic. no, this is not for "the lazy man" cause they do indeed work their butts off. you really don't appreiciate it until you have experienced it for yourself. This the first time Roger been out on crab boat?

  2. Hi Hayley

    Yes...his very first trip---it was really rough but he said he feels like he had a true experience. He has an awesome respect for people who make their living from the sea...he said they are a special breed.

    I hope you are enjoying your little break from work---I certainly am!!!!

    Haven't stopped much though--almost ready to relax now...all the painting and dirty work is almost done.