Sunday, 6 May 2012

This has been a mad day....Painters just left--all the interior trim has been finished!!! 

Yippee!!--I am so happy to put away the drop sheets for the last time.  It seems like the whole house is in such  a mess when there is painting being done------when else do you have to literally take everything off the walls???  That's major work!

I just finished my clean-up and poured myself a big mug of Egyptian licorice tea....yuuummmy ;o)  

I snuggled up in the sun-room this morning for an hour or so, before my better half got up, and started a new book-Finding me in France-I feel like I'm going to be stealing away to read a lot over the next few days.  I love it when I start a new book and get hooked right from page 1!!!!  My book is extra special because my daughter Rana gave it to's a signed copy.  She picked it up for me in St. John's last week at the Chapter's book signing event.  She sent it out with her Dad as a "Pre-Mother's Day" gift.  Rana has been following the author's blog, and "keeping-on" for me to check it out....I did and I'm not disappointed!!!  Her posts are hilarious...she could publish her next book, right from her blog!!  

When I read her blog...or the book--I feel like I did when I watched the Bridget Jones movies or The Holiday with Cameron Diaz!  That's a nice feeling.  

I'm looking forward to a nice hot bath after my walk tonight and a good read....

Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. Love the new color in the sun room! And mom- that book IS based on her blog..... The blogs in the book have been removed from her actual blog and only the blogs written since the book process began are the ones on her site! I love it!

  2. Oh!!!! Fabulous idea I had ha ha