Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like C - - - -TMAS!!!

See....I didn't say the "word"!  My friends have all been threatening me to stop saying the C word this early in November....but I can't help it.  I have been working away on my little festive projects for gifts, so I want to share a few photos.  

Although I have to say that the weather is certainly not beginning to feel a lot like CHRI - - -S!!   

Today it was sunny and 15 degrees Celsius---can't complain about that now, can we???

Here is a sampling of some glassware that I have completed......

I'm working on a totally new little project now and I am pretty excited....I'll post a few 
snaps later in the week.........if I can get some time to work on it.

Have a "holly-jolly" week, my's just around the corner!!! 



  1. Your projects are great, it's the season I have issues with. Don't make me come after you!

  2. I like to have my turkey before i think about you know what. But if you're taking orders I'd be happy to place one!

  3. They are soooo cute.... especially love the santa's trousers glasses!!

  4. HI!!
    I am sending you an ornament through the swap with Living in Yellow! I wanted to get your mailing address so I can send you something pretty! :)

    I love your blog by the way!! Super cute!

  5. I love the glassware you have created. :)

  6. You are sooooo talented. I love C----TMAS too. Must be the Burry in us!!!