Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Walk in the Park

I went for a walk in the park this morning.  It was quite beautiful......2 degrees Celsius 
and lots of sunshine......

All that wind and rain over the past couple of days stripped the last of the leaves from the trees. 
 Now you get to take a closer look at the trees again.....I like what I saw....

I knew it was chilly overnight, but I didn't realize just how chilly until I came 
upon this little "feast for the eyes"..........

All the little puddles from the rain yesterday had started to freeze looked so pretty.

I remember being a kid and we'd all get so excited over this because it meant a whole
new season of great things to do ice-skating, building huge snowmen 
and making snow angels!!!!! 

I couldn't resist---I must have taken about 30 snaps of this.......

Roger & I stayed up really late last night, watching the Presidential Election----pretty exciting 
stuff.  I still don't have a good handle on how the U.S. elections run---a bit different 
from here in Canada....but exciting nonetheless.


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