Thursday, 8 August 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, we're off to Copenhagen.
After two nights in London and two nights in Dover, we were all anxious to get on the ship and set sail for Copenhagen.  When we boarded and got to our cabins, there was a lovely surprise waiting for each of us........champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries......YUMMY!!!!!

This was a treat from our travel consultant (aka--the 'world's best travel agent')----thanks Vera :o)

Our cabins were on the same floor, so after we all unpacked, we popped into each others cabin to see the view from everyone's balcony.  We then showered for our late dining reservation, at 8:15 pm.  

Dinner was absolutely delicious and we all agreed that the late dining option would work well for the entire 12 nights of the cruise.  

We thought we'd kick it off with a toast .........."To a great cruise"!

We didn't have a real late night as we had been having pretty full schedules since we arrived in England.  As well, we didn't want to miss a thing and we were docking in Copenhagen at 8:00 am the next morning.  We all went back to our respective cabins by about 11:00 pm, and  hubby and I were fast asleep long before midnight.

The sights of Copenhagen did not disappoint us.

Mermaids are of great significance in Copenhagen.....

 This statue of The Little Mermaid had literally hundreds of people taking photographs as we walked by.


Some of the areas were like we had stepped back in time.  The cobblestone streets were so inviting---I just wanted to walk to the end of every street and see everything.  I was totally mesmerized.

  I loved the colors of the houses along the canals....

It was just so amazing to visit this beautiful city and see how they live.  It was very welcoming, clean and certainly a place I think I could go back to for a much longer visit.  I hope you enjoyed the few photos of Copenhagen that I have posted here.  I have so many, but it is very hard to chose just a few to depict the beauty of the city as I saw it.



  1. i can feel the happiness in your written words!! copenhagen is as unusual as it is beautiful!!

    the architecture/homes are fabulous...the mermaids aren't bad either!!

    sounds like such fun!!

  2. Everything looks so interesting and amazing... and those strawberries would be good ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!