Friday, 9 August 2013

Raspberries from Pop Ward's Garden

I've been busy picking raspberries from the back garden at hubby's old homestead.  The berries 
are super ripe now, actually they are so ripe that as you pick one, sometimes another drops off.  Have a look...........

These are raspberry bushes that Pop Ward planted many years ago.  All the grand-kids have many beautiful memories of going out to the back gardens and picking berries.  It is so relaxing down there...away from everything, just listening to the hum of the bees and the chirping of the birds.......

Don't they look scrumptious....

They smell so good when they are so ripe..... 

I do random, periodic taste testing as I am picking(te-he), just to be sure they are up to standards.  My lips get pretty red...the most delicious lip gloss :o) fingers are red too after I pick through them again before bagging to freeze.

We love to eat these berries fresh, but I freeze most of them.  I love making jams and raspberry vinaigrette later in the fall and winter, and we really appreciate it more then too.



  1. Delicious lip gloss... of the all natural variety... I like the sound of that!