Monday, 26 August 2013

Make novelty bowls from your old vinyl LP's

I recently saw a really neat thing at a Farmer's Market........beautiful bowls made from old records!!!!

Last week, on a rainy day, I decided to try it for myself.  I went online and looked up "vinyl LP bowls", and there are literally hundreds of tutorials and videos on how to make these things.

Check out a tutorial online for yourself, but here's how mine turned out......

First, choose a record

(NOTE--I did not use any of my Bruce albums, I just took a pic of that one because it's a favorite)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.  Select a glass or stainless steel bowl and place album on top, being careful that album is centered on the bowl.  Place a large tin of veggies on top to keep album in place as it starts to soften and droop.  As it starts to soften, reach into oven(with gloves on) and put a little pressure on the top of the can of veggies.  This will sort of force the softening vinyl album down into the bowl as it softens.  This is how the LP bowl gets it's shape.

Wear a pair of gloves (gardening or heavy duty rubber kitchen gloves) to handle as you remove from oven to do final shaping.  Since oven is only at 200 degrees, oven mitts are not required.

Here's the final result........

Pretty great little conversation pieces...nice little gifts too...

Find a tutorial you like, and start making bowls!!!!!!!



  1. Whau! This is a cute idea. We used to have lots of those LPs in the old farm house that got demolished with all that stuff inside sadly.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. I've heard about this and considering hubby collects vinyl, there are AT LEAST 100,000 available around this house. Getting him to agree to let me melt one... whole other issue! LOL!

  3. Saw on news that there was flooding in Gander and was hoping it never made it to your place.