Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Road trip to Spaniard's Bay and Brigus

I went off on a little jaunt with my good friend, Sharon, on the weekend.  Her son, Matthew is back at university, and she was driving her truck in with all of his gear for his new room at residence.  I went along for moral support..... :o)

We headed out on Sunday afternoon and went as far as Spaniard's Bay to spend the night with Sharon's sister and her husband--Diane & Jerry.  It was my first time to Spaniard's Bay, but I was not disappointed----it is beautiful there!!!!!!  Diane and Jerry have a beautiful home, right on a little pond, and they were awesome hosts.

 Can you imagine getting up in the morning and sitting on your front balcony to look at this...............

There are little spots to steal away and relax all over the place, like this inviting hammock..........

Don't you just love these stone steps.......

Diane has a beautiful area right near the pond with big comfy chairs and a fire pit............

We had a wonderful evening, ending the night with a delicious nightcap whipped up by Diane, called Mexican Dessert (yummmy!)


Next morning, we were up and on the road bright and early.  We made a quick little detour down to the town of Brigus............BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Have a look...................

Pretty nice, eh??  


  1. I can't even imagine visiting, much less living someplace like that! Beautiful!

  2. So beautiful and picturesque, let's hope it stays unspoilt for a long time.