Saturday, 17 August 2013

St. Petersburg, Russia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....this proves it...........

I made a little sign because I was afraid we would forget the exact time.
This was the view of St. Petersburg, from our balcony on the ship at 11:20 pm!!!  

 One of our tour guides told us that late June has the shortest day of the year with only three hours of twilight---it doesn't even  get really dark at that time of the year.  We couldn't believe our eyes...and it was hard to not sit outside much longer---it just didn't feel right to go inside and go to bed when it looked like it was still suppertime!

Tallinn, Estonia, next stop!


  1. Interesting architecture! 11:20pm??? WOW! I like the darkness of nighttime and can't imagine not having it.

  2. Wow look at those churches! Still light at 11.20 - it must play havoc with your body clocks.

  3. That is so incredible to see day light so long in the day. I have never been to Russia but my mom in law has and she liked it. Oh, I can hardly wait to see photos of Estonia.

  4. oh what a beautiful place!! i am never able to sleep when it's light out!!

  5. I just popped back to your blog for the first time in a while and I'm feeling so inspired by all your travel posts! Will you guys be in town over the holidays? I'll have a million questions for you!