Monday, 19 August 2013

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is very unique, and very beautiful.  It's cobblestone streets and medieval buildings are amazing.  
There is still remnants of the city wall intact.

The narrow, winding cobblestone streets are leading you in every direction.  We walked..........

and walked.....

Tallinn has many towers---you can hardly look up from anywhere without seeing a steeple of a church or a huge stone tower.  

It was like being in another time.  I felt like we could bump into Robin Hood and his merry 
men around any corner.

This is right in the old town of Tallinn---isn't it amazing???

I could have stayed here for days.  I would have loved at least one more day to explore, and climb to 
the top of some of these amazing buildings.

I literally wanted to go down every alley......

and climb every set of these fantastic stone steps, to see where  they would take me.....

 Can you imagine if these steps could tell of the people who walked over them ????

After a very full day of exploring, it was back on the ship.  

The sun was blasting out of the sky.  Unfortunately, to get photos of the city, I had to be looking directly into the sun.  Therefore the quality here on this is not great, but you can certainly feel the majestic vibe of the city.
Indeed another day leaving me wanting desperately to stay longer or, better come back.
Tallinn was absolutely beautiful!
I hope you enjoyed the few photos I've posted to try and give you a feel for the place, as I saw it.



  1. Wonderful pictures, thank you for letting me travel with you.

    Side note...I'm still cherifrommission except I combined a blog so now am different to find again.

  2. oohhhhh I do love those walkway/pathways!! What a beautiful area!!

  3. Talk about medieval majesty... WOW!

  4. Beautiful photos!

    BTW, Tallinn is spelled with two "n"s

    1. Ooops-- I actually knew that, sorry & thanks :o)

  5. Did you toured the town on your own or did you had a payed tour guide?
    I used to have a couple of pen pals from Finland that loved Estonia, they travelled from Finland to Estonia to get prescription glasses and other things since it was cheaper there. The trip by boat to cross from Finland to Estonia was only $10 US dollares (about 8 years ago.) Indeed the city is gorgeous. You did a great job with the photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. In Tallinn, we just browsed on our own. We had lots of time and everything we really wanted to see was in the same general area, so it worked out perfectly. We did get the shuttle in to the city center from our ship.