Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Crab and Shrimp Dip

Hubby recently had the opportunity priviilege to travel along with a good friend of ours, who happens to be the captain on a large crab/shrimp fishing vessel.  Wow, the stories he brought back were amazing!  He had a fabulous trip and has a whole new respect for offshore fishermen.  Needless to say, we were gifted some very precious and very delicious crab and shrimp.  I made a dip on Saturday to bring along to a friend's cottage........mmmmmm mmmmmmm, everyone enjpyed and said it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Here's a step-by-step...........................

Beat together 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup cream cheese.....

Prepare crab...

and shrimp.....

Spread cheese and sour cream mixture in bottom of dish of your choice, then add crab meat....

a layer of seafood sauce.......

then shrimp....
 Next, sprread diced peppers over top.......
  Then add grated cheese, set back in refrigerator until ready to serve.....

I served mine with nacho chips, but crackers, baguettes or melba toast would also be awesome. 

 It was quite a hit. 
 I'll be making another one of these next week for our daughter's 30th Birthday Bash!!!!!!

Here's the actual recipe:

Crab & Shrimp Dip

1/2 cup                  sour cream
1/2 cup                  cream cheese
1 cup                     shrimp
1 cup                     crab meat
1/2                        seafood sauce
1 cup                    diced peppers
1 cup                    grated cheese

Beat together sour cream and cream cheese until well blended.  Spread onto serving dish of your choice.  layer remaining ingredients, saving grated cheese for topping.  Serve with nacho chips or crackers.

Let me know if you try this one!!



  1. This sounds delicious....I love finding new dip recipes:) Have a good week!

  2. That must have been quite an experience for your husband - and yum! Some of my favorite foods all together - thanks for sharing your recipe!