Friday, 26 September 2014

Burning Bush and Dog Berries

I have been quite busy lately, as hubby has just retired and we are moving to be closer to my work location---actual move date will be September 30!!!  This decision did not come easy, but now that we have made the big decision, we can't wait to get settled in our new home.  We have bought a lovely (much smaller) home on an acre of beautiful land in Flatrock!!  Flatrock is a bedroom community to St. John's, the capital city.  I will less than 20 minutes drive from my office and only 10 minutes from our daughter and her husband!!!  It is going to be marvelous to not have to make the weekend commute of 3 hours each way for my work.  I am hoping to be back on my blog in full swing by the end of October or early November.

Here is a shot of my favorite shrub in my garden at this time of year......the burning bush..........

and my dog-berry tree.......... 

Cheers all!!!


  1. Oh my, A MOVE! That MUST have been a HUGE decision! Good luck!!!

  2. Interesting plants! I have never seen before. Is that berry edible?

  3. Hope all goes well with you move. It is lovely to be closer to work and especially family.

  4. Wonderful! Good luck with the move. And we look forward to the full tour when you're back.

  5. Best of luck with your move - it sounds as though it will be perfect for you!