Tuesday, 16 September 2014

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Trinity, Newfoundland

We had a fabulous relaxing weekend on the Bonavista Peninsula, but we didn't stop much!!!  On Sunday afternoon, on our way back up from the Cape, we detoured down to Trinity, as this is my mom's birthplace.  I remember going there as a child, but I didn't remember it being quite so beautiful. 

As we drove around the beautiful, historic community of Trinity, we came upon this gem....St. Paul's Anglican Church.  The building is about 120 years old,and its architecture is fascinating and mesmerizing.  It is hard to believe what could be accomplished with the tools of the day. 

I love old churches and I took the opportunity to stroll around the grounds of this church and go inside. Take a look and step back in time...................

There were numerous large framed photographs in the side foyer at the back of the church, showing all the architect's drawings for the building.....absolutely fascinating!!!!!

I took a shot of an old framed photo of the church, the quality isn't great but I have to share.....................

We had a beautiful weekend, saw lots of fascinating sights and took lots 
of photos........we'll be back!!



  1. A beautiful building - I feel as though I can smell all that wood.

  2. Beautiful church! Wish I looked that good for my age!

  3. Hard to believe - we just returned from visiting Trinity, Elliston and Bonavista Light -- all the way from New Jersey. Enjoyed your great photos.

    1. Thanks for visiting our beautiful province and my blog!!!

  4. What a lovely church! I love the shape of the windows and and door!

  5. What an amazing church! I would love to walk around that cemetery and look at headstones, one of my very favorite things to do!