Sunday, 22 January 2017

Scallops & Snow Storms

Well, we didn't have any big plans for this past weekend, mainly because we had a 
forecast for a blizzard, beginning late Friday evening lasting in to late Saturday night.  
Forecast was pretty accurate, right down to timing.

Anyhow....what does one do on Friday night, when expecting a big storm to last 24 
hours or longer??  Get into the deep freeze and start pulling forgotten treasures out, to
 have a cooking-fest on Saturday!!

We pulled out salt fish for a big batch of homemade fish cakes; 
a roast of beef to make a soup; some ground turkey for a meat "turkey-loaf----ha ha, just 
doesn't sound the same!!  
Then last,but not least a bag of scallops (just caught about a month ago).  

All jokes aside, I love days like this.  Plus, it's a nice feeling when you are loading casseroles and tightly wrapped treasures in to the fridge, all great food for the upcoming week.  
It takes away the dreaded question, during the work week, of what will 
have tomorrow for supper, but gives you lots of time to have nice brisk walk before supper!!

While we were sitting around enjoying a cozy big fire, keeping up with updates of the storm and listening to music, hubby couldn't resist frying some scallops in fresh butter and minced garlic!

Yummmmmy....they tasted delicious!!

There wasn't a lot of guilt about eating these, we knew we had a bit of activity and 
fresh air the next morning to deal with this......

The snowblower makes the chore much easier, and it was a gorgeous morning to be outside.  
About minus 4 Celsius, sunshine and hardly any wind.

Have a great week.


  1. When the weather is bad, get cooking is my motto too, Kathleen. The scallops look delicious!

  2. After mild weather, we are expecting a good snowfall tonight.

  3. Oh golly, that looks wonderful, my mouth is watering just at the thought of tucking into those scallops! Snowing outside my window right now. But sadly I don't have any scallops to eat!!!!

  4. The scallops sounds great and looks yummy!! A large part of central North here in the US have got a big snow storm but it missed us here, thank goodness. Cooking is much better in cold weather though.