Monday, 6 February 2017

Lassy Buns

Since we have become grandparents, we are a tad bit preoccupied.  
Actually we are obsessed with her!!!!  

I have been neglecting my other loves (that pale in comparison now), but I did
take time over the weekend to make a batch of molasses (lassy) buns and I 
took a few snaps to share----just like old times.  

I posted this recipe on this blog about four years, and I received great feedback.  
Click here for the recipe.
 Here are some photos of my latest "batch"........

The smell of that butter and molasses melting together, with the strong hint of 
cinnamon and cloves is simply divine.  

Sprinkled with a little pinch of sugar and ready to go in the oven.... 

 These scent the entire house while baking.


Of course, as soon as they cool, one must try one with a bit of cheddar, and a cup of strong black tea.

 Oh yeah!!!



  1. Yummy! Must make some, Kathleen. The black tea is perfect!

  2. I understand your obsession. Abut 10years ago, i became rather besotted, and i sill am kind of.

  3. I can smell them from here! And I love your sweet blue teacup!!!
    I may have to make some of these buns soon, I think I have some molasses in the fridge.....

  4. It looks great!!! I love molasses. Congratulations in becoming a grandparent, it must be very sweet to have a little one to enjoy and teach many things.

  5. I found this recipe on your blog about 3 years ago and I love making these buns. I haven't made them for awhile now I think it is time to mix up a batch. Thank you for sharing this recipe